Design the Experience You Love

We partner with organizations to develop teams and systems to Cultivate Innovation, Research and Co-Design with their customers, designing the life they love through experiences and generating a body of new ideas with our OrangePapers.

Cultivate Innovation

To Cultivate Innovation within large organizations, we build innovation teams and develop experiences with a human centered approach.


With Brisa, Bridgestone Turkey, we tested innovation on a small scale, training a young, cross-functional, team in our process, DE:RE™, and established the foundation for the organization’s cultural transformation.

  • Taught a practical, step-by-step innovation process and tools
  • Co-designed and prototyped innovative service design concepts that delivered increased customer value
  • Created a shared mental model among the executives on the definition, expectation and process of innovation within the organization and its team

This resulted in establishing ongoing teams and processes to help Brisa’s cultural transformation to faster service, product realizations, and a renewed understanding of innovation.

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Research and Co-Design

Our unique Research and Co-Design process leads to 360º, tangible ideas and concepts, quickly helping our clients to identify what matters most and revealing deep insights.

Nissan, Design the Mobility You Love

With Nissan, we developed a Vision for the Future of Mobility and for Nissan’s role within the changing auto industry.

  • Co-designed with multiple stakeholders from city officials to customers
  • Revealed deep insights for further development of products, services, and user interfaces
  • Developed a unique point-of-view on Nissan’s customer experience

The holistic experience vision and insights from this work resulted in building up a clear and focused strategy, while covering a wide range of mobility needs.

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With Herman Miller, we developed a new shared mental model for work.

  • Led them to think differently about work with leader and future leader teams
  • Redefined work as an experience with emotional, physical, intellectual and virtual attributes
  • Provided a new framework to transform long held notions and beliefs about offices and office workers

The result was a strategic document, The Transformation of Work. Shared throughout the organization, it functions as a guide for rethinking work and the development of its associated products and services.

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Insights: Orange Papers

Our Insights Research OrangePaper, “Design the Work You Love: What Millennials Want at Work", is the first of a series of Design the Experience You Love independent insights research and ideation sessions created by our studio.

Orange Paper is a short thought piece that summarizes our perspective on complex topics as diverse as Work, Desire, Mammography, Aging, Driving, Bathing or other topics that inspire us. We pick a topic that matters to us, lead a co-design session with people we recruit and learn with them. Our OrangePapers bring the results of these independently run sessions to you, our Birsel + Seck community.

Here’s a few pages from this insightful document exploring what millennials want at work, using our Design the Experience You Love approach:

For the full report, please send us a note at hello and we’ll be happy to share it with you!

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